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Can you tell me about the Telebrineller test bars?

  • Telebrineller test bars are 6” x 9/162
  • All Telebrineller Test bars are certified to ASTM E-10 standard.
  • Each bars allows the user to get approximately 80 punches
  • Each bar weighs 0.5 lbs.

How can I determine the hardness?

To determine the hardness, review the specification for the testing you are performing and the selection of test bar hardness should be as close to the spec, but bar selection can be +/-15% on either side of the desired hardness.

What does the Calibration Disc do?

Calibration Disc (stage micrometer) can be used to calibrate your microscope. These can be purchased with or without certification from Teleweld.

Can I purchase Telebrineller kit items separately?

All items in the Telebrineller kit (BHNTS) can be purchased separately.